Erie’s Front Porch

JOIN US SUNDAY AUGUST 16 @ 10, for our next gathering at The Community Project, 480 Cheesman, Erie, CO!  

We focus on three things at Erie’s Front Porch:

Community-We want to be an integral part of Erie and the surrounding community.  As we bless the community of Erie we realize it is important to be a community that cares for one another with love, guts, and grit.

Faith-Jesus changes peoples’ lives.  History changed when God demonstrated his love in Jesus.  We want to walk in his dust.

Authenticity-Being real is more important than being impressive.  Culture trumps strategy.


Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:45am, Erie Coffee Roasters @ the Erie Airport and check out what God is doing.  We also always have a lunch that will rock your world.

We are part of group of cool people called the Evangelical Covenant Church.  You can learn more about here:


Mark Hawke is a native of Boulder and he continues to love the area with a passion.  In his youth Mark became a follower of Jesus.  As he puts it “it turned my world upside-down.”  By the time he as 17 God had called him into ministry.  To pursue his ministry Mark studied religion and Business Management at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA.  From there he studied at Princeton Theological Seminary for his masters and Fuller Theological for his doctorate. After serving churches in the Philadelphia area, Snowmass, and Kansas City, Mark is returning to his roots.  While in seminary Mark met his wife Elise and she was later ordained as a pastor.  Today, Mark and Elise have two children that are active in a variety of areas.  As a family they enjoy many outdoor activities including skiing and rock climbing and they are excited to live in a area with so many opportunities.



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